Why oh why, Chris Davies?

I can’t believe MEP, Chris Davies has weighed in on the Rennard issue in this way. Here is what Davies said on Westminster Hour.

“This is the equivalent of a few years ago, an Italian man pinching a woman’s bottom. How much more must this man be made to suffer through the media condemnation that comes out day after day fed by the party leadership?”

Why he felt this was an appropriate comment I don’t understand. Is he referring to a myth that bottom-pinching is allowed under Italian law? Who knows! Is it stereotyping? Possibly. Is it belittling of the experience of anyone who has received unwanted fondling? Absolutely!

With European elections coming up, will this put Chris Davies’ seat at risk? Quite probably.

Later, Chris Davies followed his earlier comments with a tweet threatening to help Rennard take legal action against the party Davies represents. Unbelievable!!!

Something must be done to sort through this mess as soon as possible. I think Caron Lindsay’s blog from earlier this evening is well worth a read and I agree with the sentiment that we must take the bluster and emotion away from this and deal with it in a thoughtful, rational way.

For the record I am not calling on Chris Rennard to apologise and I have no view on whether the allegations made against him are true. I simply believe the process hasn’t yet reached it’s natural and logical conclusion yet.

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