Rennard’s Role in the Lib Dems

Yesterday saw the conclusion of an investigation by Alistair Webster QC into the alleged behaviour of Chris Rennard. I’m not going to comment on the outcome, the validity of it or the party procedures.

On last night’s news Nick Clegg said:

“he won’t be playing any role in my General Election plans for the campaign in 2015″.


Chris Rennard was elected to the 2013-2014 Federal Policy Committee by members at the back-end of 2012. The FPC makes policy decisions that lead to the election manifesto. How can Nick claim that Rennard won’t play any part? Or how can it be that Rennard would be removed from a position he was elected to having never received any sanctions under the party’s disciplinary rules? (Regardless of what you may think of that, the fact is that there was no disciplinary outcome).

I’m neither defending or criticising Chris Rennard here. I’m simply pointing out that something in Clegg’s statement doesn’t stack up.

2 Responses to Rennard’s Role in the Lib Dems

  1. Avatar Paul Walter
    Paul Walter says:

    I took it that Nick Clegg meant he will have no role in the campaign management, rather than to being one of well over a dozen people discussing the manifesto.

    • Hi Paul. On LBC Call Clegg this morning Clegg was directly asked again

      Nick Ferrari: This man [Rennard] thinks he’s going to write your manifesto.
      Nick Clegg: No he’s not going to play a role in my General Election campaign and I’ve made that very clear.

      NIck Ferrari: So if he’s not going to write the manifesto what is he going to do?
      Nick Clegg: Well he is still a member of the Liberal Democrats and he is still a member of the House of Lords.

      So I think it’s pretty clear Clegg doesn’t want him even involved in FPC.